According to a recent status from a leading job portal in India, there are about 35000 job posting who require Design Engineer. In India, The average salary of Design Engineer is about 4 Lacs, where with experience, the student can also have the package of about 10 Lacs. With increase of industrialization, the demand for design engineers will also grow in the future. Let’s have a look at some advantages of becoming a Design Engineer.

o    Challenging Career

    With the technological advancement, the parameters are always changing. So a design engineer has to also keep them updated to face and tackle every designing challenge. Design Engineers have to deliver quality designs in the required time frame. Thus this position requires great dedication and timeliness. You can put your creativity to test, every time you have a designing task assigned to you.

o    Complete Desk Job

      Most of the Mechanical or Automobile Engineering students prefer a desk job, especially Female engineers. If you have the same preference, Design Engineer is a saviour for you. This is complete desk job, where the professional has to sit for long hours either creating designs or monitoring it.

o    Lavish Job

     As mentioned earlier, Design Engineers have great earning opportunity once they have some amount of experience to back their talent. Moreover, designing job posting are generally at the corporate offices of every big manufacturing company. Hence professional can enjoy their life to the maximum.

o    Feeling Of Accomplishment

    Design Engineers start the product development life cycle. Thus they are consulted at every stage of product development. This makes the Design Engineers a valuable asset to the company and this generates a feeling of accomplishment in the professionals.

o    Be Your Own Boss

     Being a design engineer, you always have the option to join a big or small designing or manufacturing company. Or you can start your own designing firm. Most of the Design Engineers feel safe to have some work experience before starting their own firm. But still, the professional always has the option to be an entrepreneur. Even if not this, the professional can do freelancing. As the demand for designing has increased, many companies have also started hiring freelancers to complete the designing assignment.
    So if you are passionate about designing and want to explore the challenging field of Design Engineer, start your journey